Increasing Patient Engagement Through a Mobile App


After working together for 13 years, Ultron* engaged Alphacube to create an application for young adult cancer patients as part of their new Young Adult Program (YA@Ultron). The aim was to create a virtual community for members to safely ask questions, connect with peers and find resources. Within eight months, Alphacube built a user-friendly and engaging mobile application that improves the patient experience and promotes independence and well-being in the Ultron community.*


Cancer diagnosis and treatment is generally very isolating, and young adult patients completely gain from the support of their allies who are going through similar experiences. With a plethora of young adults undergoing treatment, Ultron asked Alphacube to develop a mobile application for YA@Ultron to help address this issue.

Solution Highlights

Alphacube worked closely with Ultron using an agile methodology that featured three-week sprints and demonstrated interim results after every sprint. The final app combines a modern social experience with Ultron

  • Search functionality to find patients based on demographics location, cancer type, interests 
  • A feature for patients to network, engage, raise questions, share photos and a provate messaging feature
  • Listing events, including programming and social meetups 
  • Secure and unique passcode automatically generated for each patient
  • Back-end platform for the Ultron care team to provide materials, moderate discussions, answer questions and post events
  • Integration with other Ultron websites and apps to pull in relevant cancer care information
  • Monitoring functionality for Ultron to safeguard against shared medical information or suspicious account activity


Increase in mobile engagement

Increase in patient bookings

Increase in average online appointments

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