Getting your SaaS PR seems difficult for some and for some they are able to wing it effectively.

How is it that a minor development in Microsoft makes headlines in most primary mainstream media platforms? At the same time, your business’s latest fundraise manages to land a few of the lesser-known news websites?

Why is it that every tweet of Elon Musk makes news while every product you launch has to be leveraged on numerous platforms to reach the eyes of a few?

Well, that is the reality. If you are a growing player in your field, you will have to work harder to reach what you desire and deserve. Public Relations (PR) and Outreach is pivotal for any business. In SaaS businesses, it cements itself as an essential component, very different from what other companies endure.

Why do SaaS businesses need PR?

For SaaS organizations, usually known for delivering unique business models, formulating an effective PR strategy is essential as their primary function of providing products and solutions. They are crucial in keeping clients and investors in the loop and also to drive an organization’s success. 

SaaS businesses asunder, data states that B2B companies who market content successfully have a higher chance of building subscribed audiences, generating sales and revenue, and build loyalty with existing clients and customers.

SaaS companies, which usually have a minimal reach, must not slack off on finding more ways to increase their brand awareness. Also, if your company aspires to raise funds, credibility becomes a differentiating factor. Getting investors and potential clients to trust you in the service you provide shall happen only when your brand name is featured on major sites more than a few times.

Getting your story out shall only be beneficial. Like Drew Sparks, Co-Founder and CEO at Swell, opined once that unique and individual levels of your product or service could create emotional connections that better appeal to potential customers.  

Lastly, PR done correctly shall help direct high-quality links to your website, improve the ranking of your posts, and drive more traffic to your website. This shall not only help build credibility among investors but also aid in marketing and sales.

However, for SaaS businesses, it is not very easy to do SaaS PR but not impossible either. Here are some ways to leverage PR for your SaaS business.

It is not always those big names.

Knowing one’s audience is a major determinant. In layman terms, for instance, getting your fundraise published on the Washington Post website might attract lesser traffic than on a website that exclusively covers SaaS news or a domain covering beats where your software can create an impact (like if you are a healthcare SaaS, pushing content on WebMD over NYT might attract target-audience). Hence, knowing your audience’s content preferences and their go-to platforms’ is extremely important. Reaching out randomly for namesake will not do the trick in the long run.

Consistent and targeted

With a thorough understanding of audience perception, there comes the need to pitch consistently with a targeted approach. It is okay if there are no daily product launches. Other subjects such as webinars, podcast announcements, and hiring can form newsworthy content. Fundraising and product launches need not make news every single time.

Using analytical data in your company’s pitch and pushing prescient stories on trends and the future of your field are more likely to land a slot on your preferred website. Along with consistency, pertinence also plays a significant role. Though it might appear slightly contradicting concerning the point of consistency, finding out what your favored publication is lacking and pitching content for that will not just get your news published but likely increase engagements.

Making use of specific PR Strategies

Quid pro quo is a nice thing. But sometimes, extending your hand for a longer time can help more. Responding to journalists’ questions, helping them with relevant quotes for their stories can, in turn, come to your aid when you require your business to be published. 

Signing up on online tools such as Help a reporter out (HARO), where journalists essentially post their questions out, looking for quotes, and answering wherever your expertise is required as an individual or as an organization can give you the much-needed recognition. Just Reach Out (JRO) is a similar platform for responding to journalists and engaging with press releases.

These can give you a piggyback ride to the scaling point of your company’s media relations. Even if a journalist does not use your quote, you register your name, and that is important.

Other strategies

Podcasting is a trustworthy ally of SaaS PR. Chances are likely for your listener to hit the subscribe button and learn more about you after “listening” to you than “reading” about you. 

The inclusion of visually pleasing and easily shareable eBooks in your SaaS PR strategies can prove as an excellent resource for your target audience. Launching industry reports, analyzing studies, pushing them regularly across social media, and attending or hosting webinars to solidify your presence shall better aid your PR aspirations.

Anything to refrain from?

While realizing the need for an effective SaaS PR strategy and working towards the same is to be appreciated, striking a deal with the wrong PR firm can prove costly if your PR team (internal or outsourced) does not have sufficient contacts with your preferred media outlets or SaaS platforms for a feature.

Also, like mentioned above, following the crowd is not the only option. Top-tier sites giving you a chance in your initial stages might be very more minor, and constricting yourself to only mainstream media might land you lesser reach than what probably a couple of SaaS Blogs or dedicated SaaS websites would land.

Hence a calculated outreach strategy can leverage your aspirations and achievements across to your target audience.