Key Challenges

In an economy where Amazon packages do a same-day delivery and Uber drivers arrive within minutes, the call center service can feel tedious and dispassionate. Seemingly endless string of transfers are all very frus­trating when dealing with a critical issue as one’s healthcare.

The Solutions

Working on in-depth consumer research, we balanced smart data analytics and personalized interactions to redesign the OneHealth’s call center experience. The vision manifested as detailed experience guidelines ready for implementation, which enabled OneHealth to make rapid changes to their call operations, and in the process enhance the user experience. OneHealth flipped the call center model on its head to reduce wasted effort and provide a better member experience.

The Results

In April 2015, OneHealth launched Champion4Me, a new call center model that provides users with enhanced service and care. Currently servicing 19 million people, Advocate4Me has resulted in overall customer satisfaction exceed­ing 95%, with over 94% ranking their level of trust in their service as “high.” The company also reports that 28% of its wellness program participants come from Champion4Me recommendations.

Hear from our Customer

“The engagement in programs and overall satisfaction have improved because users are having an experience when they call in, not just a transaction. The call center team values the fact that we have put tools and processes in place to enable them to be successful. The ability to help people and solve problems make the day-to-day work more satisfying.

Chief Product Officer, OneHealth