Key Challenges

The single-family home is very difficult to evolve and explore : zoning and building code make it tough to gain traction on concepts, R&D related costs to provide a barrier to entry, and the feeling home is achieved only after building the home itself
By building a flexible platform for testing domestic innovations, we were quickly able to advance and prioritize the Violet Bloom vision.

The Solutions

Alphacube built a flexible laboratory environment to test 12 different concepts. Rather than building a single home, the space was enhanced as a series of connected experiences, allowing the team to test both the features, brand expression, and sales process for homes.
Designed as an interactive pop-up space, the concepts were experimented in locations in New England and California. A five-senses methodology, testing scent, sound, and taste was employed as core elements of the home design experience. Each of it was brought to life using a variety of proximity sensors, camera vision, virtual reality, and kinetic mechanical systems.

The Results

By examining the work in two separate markets, Alphacube was able to help the Violet Bloom’s team identify set features and messaging that should be funded for advancement across a diverse consumer base. This resulted, several elements were prioritized for advancements in markets.

In addition, several members of the Violet Bloom team were embedded at the Alphacube studio for 18 months, allowing for hands-on participation in our learning, envisioning, and prototyping. This collaborative exchange and innovation capability training resulted in a near-constant alignment with the needs of their business and culture, allowing the team to move more quickly and take bigger risks than in typical projects.